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What book types constitute the library of the Club?

Whereas clause the remarkable lack of Spanish judaico material in the different areas, the Hebrew Club of Libro seted out to translate the most important and fundamental books of all the times, which are selected by an outstanding equipment of Rabbis and Educators, translated by professionals, preparations with a special care as much in their content as in the linguistic field. In addition, all the books are reviewed and supervised by experts and students.

How to benefit with the Hebrew Club of Libro?

Buying some of the stands for casks or plans (to see following item), or acquiring by the minuses 3 titles of our collection, You immediately benefit with the discounts of the Club. In addition, if you. he buys some plan of the offered ones and decides to add algun/os otro/s book, éste/os will be sold him to price CLUB

Which are the purchase options (plans and stands for casks)? (To make click in each cover to see the card of each book) The prices are in American dollars.

To choose 3 Cabalistic Calendars









To consult months available
Treaties of: Berajot I, Berajot II, Rosh Hashana, Beitza I, Beitza II
talmud I talmud 2
talmud I talmud 2
talmud 2

By Rab Itzjak Ginzburg
Psicologia and Kabala, Meditation and Dig it, the Mystery of the Marriage

psychology and digs it Meditation and Digs it The Mystery of the Marriage
The Hidden Codes of the Bible, the Song of Alma; Luz de Efraim
Luz de EfraimThe song of Alma

Parabolas of Wisdom I, Parabolas of Wisdom II, the Ethics of the Sinai

Parabolas of wisdom I Parabolas of wisdom II
The Way of God, Works of Maimonides, the Doors of the Law, the way of the Wisdom
the way of D-sThe doors of the law
maimonides Way Wisdom

Zohar 1 to Zohar 20 (inclusively). The comprendera Collection 32 volumes

25 c/u

At least 3 units of zohar choose to pay to 24 U$S each
to zohar Ito zohar 2to zohar 2

By Rab Aharon Shlezinger
Numerology and Digs it, the great book of the Names, the Keys of Cabalistic Numerology, Enigmas and Mysteries of the Talmud and Dig it, the Final Economic Collapse, the curative power of digs it


Numerology and digs itEnigmas and mysteries of the TalmudNumerology and digs itEnigmas and mysteries of the Talmud

Special orders
For special purchases (loose amount or titles), consult to us

How phelp are the books?

1) Credit cards: American Express, Visa and Mastercard. The services of the American companies for the safe processing of credit cards www.2checkout.com and www.paypal.com are used

2) Shipment of money by money gram and to argenper (These companies acquire a commission by the shipment of the money that depends on the amount and sending country)

3) Con gives: (only in federal capital, Argentina).

4) Bank deposit in Argentinean. (Only for residents in Argentina)

Any doubt that has notary publics to webmaster@portable-ebook-reader.net

How realised are the shipments and which are the approximate costs?

The shipments outside Argentina are realised through express DHL, arriving at destiny in not more than five days (any side of the world). Within Argentina, we used Argentine Mail
In order to know whatever it would cost a shipment to him, it completes the order form and the budget would be sent to him

Which are the advantages to belong to the Hebrew Club of Libro?

The wisdom is a precious good that enriches the life of the people as much as its absence debilitates to individuals and societies leaving them lacking of values and resources for the life.
Supersaturated information we lack, despite of the basic knowledge of our ancestral tradition transmitted and received generation after generation and that guarantees the recognition to us of our essential identity.

Against this reality the Hebrew Club of Libro offers the following advantages to him:

To acquire books on thematic judaica until today could well be defined as a true adventure. To what we talked about? To that they only can be bought in a determined place, to an established schedule, and generally to lifted prices more than books of thematic general.

As of today, through Hebrew Club of Libro the representative titles but of the Jewish wisdom can be acquired easily and to a price equivalent to the one of the rest of books of thematic general, in addition to standing out by their design and presentation, and with the comfort to receive them at home and electronically through our webpage with credit card.

The Hebrew Club of Libro guarantees discounts to him that reach 40- 30% with respect to the value of bookstore in all titles. As well as the possibility of acquiring with smaller discounts other titles than they do not belong to the Club.

Publishing quality
The Hebrew Club of Libro guarantees the quality of the titles of its library through a careful selection of the professional translators, with the basic premise to respond faithfully to the original content with the maximum care of the quality of the language.

Direct bonding and Customized
The Hebero Club of Libro offers a warm and personal treatment to him or through our webpage, responding its restlessness to the greater brevity.

Rabbinical approval
On headquarters in the heart of Israel, Jerusalem, the Hebrew Club of Libro counts on the supervision of an outstanding group of Rabbis who take care to control the selection of the titles and the translations of the same, guaranteeing the fidelity in the transmission of the wisdom of Israel.

Continuity of titles
The supplies of the Club will be increased month to month, so that the Club will maintain it informed through the webpage and of monthly newsletter

To recommend the site
It gives the library of the Club
The Club recommends
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Direction Email:

Books published to the date

Parabolas of Wisdom (1)
Parabolas of Wisdom (2)
Ethics of the Sinaí (Pirkei Avot)
Prophecies of the Torá
The Wisdom of Alma
The Torá
The song of the soul
Talmud: Berajot (1)
Talmud: Berajot (2)
Talmud: Rosh Hashana
Treated Talmud Beitza I
Treated Talmud Beitza II
The Mystery of the Marriage
Psychology and Digs it
Maimonides: Complete works
Hidden codes of the Bible
Book of Proverbs
The Doors of the Law
The way of God
Zohar Vol. I to the Bowl. XX
Numerology and Digs it
Luz de Efraim
The cabalistic calendar
Enigmas of the Talmud and Dig it
The Keys of Cabalistic Numerology
Meditation and Digs it
The great book of the Names
The way of the Wisdom
Books to publish
8va. Door of Jerusalem
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