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The Hebrew Club of Libro is a publishing and educative undertaking for charity, whose main objective is to facilitate to the people the acquisition, reading of Judaism books and the formation of a Hebrew library receiving discounts that oscillate between 30 and 40% in relation to the prices of bookstore.

Under the motto €œthe best books to the best prices€? the Hebrew Club of Libro promotes the access to the ancestral wisdom of Israel, granting the possibility of reading and of studying texts and the most important authors of all the times.

We consider that the assimilation, the disconnection, lost of identity and the lack of value and direct sense are consequence of the evacuating of content, and that only through the wisdom based on the reading and the study, we will be able to reclaim the contact with the essential of the Judaism.

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Books published to the date

Parabolas of Wisdom (1)
Parabolas of Wisdom (2)
Ethics of the Sinaí (Pirkei Avot)
Prophecies of the Torá
The Wisdom of Alma
The Torá
The song of the soul
Talmud: Berajot (1)
Talmud: Berajot (2)
Talmud: Rosh Hashana
Treated Talmud Beitza I
Treated Talmud Beitza II
The Mystery of the Marriage
Psychology and Digs it
Maimonides: Complete works
Hidden codes of the Bible
Book of Proverbs
The Doors of the Law
The way of God
Zohar Vol. I to the Bowl. XX
Numerology and Digs it
Luz de Efraim
The cabalistic calendar
Enigmas of the Talmud and Dig it
The Keys of Cabalistic Numerology
Meditation and Digs it
The great book of the Names
The way of the Wisdom
Books to publish
8va. Door of Jerusalem
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