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Luz de Efraim
Simja Ben Iosef
Amount of Pages: 448
Category: Classic
Review: Luz de Efraim, of a simple and amazingly didactic way, approaches the present and complex subjects: the difficult development personaly the delicate human relations between different sexes. The protagonist is an intriguer who transmits his lessons to a young pair, helping it and guiding it to find authentic spirituality that this one as much wishes and anxiety. Nevertheless, the underlying subject of the light of Efraim is brings back to consciousness messianic that ties with the figure of the Biblical Yosef and the difficult test to which it is exposed in his personal life: it brings back to consciousness that it is descending to the world of an hidden way, of apparently natural way, but reflecting the Divine intention to ignite the hearts towards indispensable the spiritual dimension to prepare Redemption.
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