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The Zohar (Bowl 4, of 32 volumes)
Rabi Shimon bar Iojai
Amount of Pages: 320
Category: Classic
Review: Volume IV takes care mainly, and in detail, of the Resurrection of the Dead. Also it includes an appendix on the same subject in which they are explained and the cardinal concepts of the Resurrection are clarify, its Biblical and Talmudic sources, the moment at which will be to occur, and specific also who are those that will be to revive and which are the merits that the person must reunite to rise finally of her tomb. The Zohar is, doubtless, the most famous work of the universal mystical thought, and of Dig it in particular. Their lessons influenced in the past and repel at the moment in all the well-known religions.
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rabi+shimon+bar+lojai to el+zohar 25/10/2008
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