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The Talmud - Treated about Berajot (1)
Group ALEF-JOJMA - Publishing EDAF
Amount of Pages: 658
Category: Classic
Review: The Talmud, next to the written Torá or Pentateuco, represents the pillars of the religion and the Jewish tradition developings by the Eternal one Moisés in Monte Sinaí. Work of wisdom par excellence, their lessons happened intact of teacher to student, of generation in generation, to the present time. We present here the first treaty of the Talmud, the treaty of Berajot, literally Blessings . A Classic safety pin.
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Opinion of other readers
Eliahu horseradish tree Abraham Shalom ubraja 23/11/2006
Rigoberto mendez RE: Shalom ubraja 12/1/2007
David Bolominsky Wonderful 7/12/2006
Julio Cohen Great Work 7/12/2006
Christian Gelvez huge! For all SHALOM 28/1/2007
Monica Villalba RE: huge! For all SHALOM 5/2/2007
Juan Carlos RE: RE: huge! For all SHALOM 29/5/2007
rabbi nelson sesto robbins This treaty is good if a wise person gives it to understand 6/5/2007
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