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The Eighth Door of Jerusalem
Daniel Ben Itzjak
Amount of Pages: 128
Category: Classic
Review: A normal day, a radiating sun, a journeyed street and, suddenly, as if the life was divided in two or exploded in thousand pieces, a at first sight insignificant fact change it everything for always. The past, the present and the future becomes disconnected, pushes out of position. It only has before and later. In the pages of this novel, the life, the routine, the work and our daily life expose without mask some and with all their impressive fragility and inconsistency. The character of this story can be anyone of us. The eighth door of Jerusalem catches the reader from the home in the end, and from front page it already involves it in a reality that is not other than hers own one. And what is more important still: to the reader he is to him impossible to remain indifferent before a story that, wants or no, it arrives to him directly at the heart.
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