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The Zohar (Bowl 1, of 32 volumes)
Rabi Shimon bar Iojai
Amount of Pages: 368
Category: Classic
Review: The Zohar is doubtless the most famous work of the universal mystical thought, and of Dig it in particular. Their lessons influenced in the past and repel at the moment in all the well-known religions. Rabí Shimón Bar Iojai and its students, outside the space and of the time, analyze, investigate and crumble the deepest and hermetic subjects of the human existence, as the creation of the well-known world and all the spiritual worlds that preceded to him, the origin, the conformation of the souls and its reincarnations, the life after the death or the sense of Masculine and the Feminine thing. Through lessons and loaded stories of impetuous a vital force, the single reading of the Zohar modifies and transforms the life of the person until levels on which it can testify and only transmit who has lent itself to this incredible experience of burning Light. Volume I includes a general Introduction to the study of Digs it, the preparation adapted for this study, the Prologue of the Zohar, the first part of the Section of Bereishit and an appendix regarding the divine Name of forty-two letters. As well, each volume contains a glossary and a detailed index of Biblical appointments.
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