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The Talmud - Treated about Beitza (2)
Group ALEF-JOJMA - Publishing EDAF
Amount of Pages: 385
Category: Classic
Review: Treaty of Beitzá, literally, egg, also is called Treaty of Iom Tov due to its content: the laws that prevail in a festival - Iom Tov-. Our treaty teaches and analyzes the aspects related to these laws, what is allowed and what it is prohibited to realise during a festival, to what a nutritional preparation is denominated necessary and other related subjects. In this volume the activities associated to the preparation are especially foods: sandarac tree (Joresh), to plant (Zoréa), to harvest (Kotzer), to engavillar (Meamer), to beat (Dash), to throw grain (Zoré), to select (Borer), to sift (Meraked), to grind (Tojén), to knead (Lash) and to bake (Ofé). Their pages offer one abundantísima and rich ethnographic information on Mediterranean traditional agriculture. As in previous volumes, 1. The text emphasized in bold is the literal translation of the Talmudic text. 2. The text put in round letter serves as basic minimum explanation and so that the student can follow the Talmudic logic. 3. The text has been calld and divided in questions, answers and explanations, in order to facilitate its study, although it is important to stress that such division does not appear in the original Talmud. Soft cover
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