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The Hidden Codes of the Bible
Aharon Pollak - Uri Trajtmann
Amount of Pages: 200
Category: Classic
Review: That the Hebrew Bible hides secrets and mysteries is not any newness; Jewish for centuries exegetas has been taking care of it. But that in the sacred text we can find information codified on present and future events can be surprising to those who are not familiarized with the wisdom of Israel. Being based on the lessons of the old intriguers and on the mathematical theory of the sequences of equidistant letters, the authors explain the structure of the letters, its form and its numerical value to us discovering an hidden and exciting universe to us wisely encriptado in the Biblical text. In the present book the authors analyze diverse cryptographic systems and they discover in the Biblical text references to us clarísimas to events as the Holocaust, the Twin Towers, 11-M, or the Tsunami. He takes advantage of this book to the maximum, lowering the software search of codes in the following http://www.portable-ebook-reader.net/suscripcion_codigos.asp link
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Erick Valverde SOFTWARE 7/11/2006
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Fofito Thanks for the link 29/6/2007
Sebastian Gonzalez Softward 19/7/2007
Aharon Pollak & Uri Trajtmann Authors 17/9/2007
Arturo Vaughan Authors 17/9/2007
José Simonson I am interested in Libro 30/11/2007
Lila+ ingrese+aquí+y+me+encanto+ 5/10/2008
Aharon+Pollak+%26+Uri+Trajtmann Los+codigos+ocultos+de+la+biblia 31/12/2008
Aharon+Pollak+%2D+Uri+Trajtmann Los%2BC%25F3digos%2BOcultos%2Bde%2Bla%2BBiblia 29/4/2009
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