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Enigmas and Mysteries of the Talmud and the Cabalá
Aharon Shlezinger
Amount of Pages: 160
Category: Classic
Review: Description: When the sea is observed from the surface, for example from the cover of a boat, it is not appraised what there is in his interior. In the majority of the occasions, water will only be contemplated. Nevertheless, if we penetrated in its sine, advancing towards the interior of the oceanic depths, a fascinating and wonderful submarine world will be opened before our eyes. A life source hides that it locks up enigmas and mysteries never dreamed nor imagined. So imposing mysteries that all our life would turn out insufficient to know them in its totality. This same one occurs with the lessons of the Talmud and Dig it, that lock up intrinsic mysteries and enigmas, whose existence the majority of the people does not know. In this book, the author transports us to the depth of the knowledge seas that flow of the Talmud and Dig it, taking to us to know many those mysteries.
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